Multi Camera


We have over 23 years experience in filming all performance styles from Rock and Roll to Shakespeare, Theatre Schools to Grand Opera.

  • Other events that lend themselves to our system and style have been as varied as The British Salsa Championships, Corporate Awards Ceremonies, City Livery Company and other Associations’ Annual Dinners, and Society Weddings.
  • We are the resident video company for The International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival at Buxton and Eastbourne.
  • Multi camera means we can cut from one camera angle to another so showing close-ups and the overall without resorting to endless zooming in and out, achieving the polished look of any Broadcast of a live event.
  • All cameras are operated remotely meaning less cost as individual operators are not required – they can all be operated by one person.
  • Cameras take little or no space. They can be hung from lighting positions or put on stands.
  • The operators don’t have to be in the performance space. We can operate from a wing, an adjacent room, or even from our custom-built truck parked outside.